Month: January 2014

Negotiating – the ‘win – win’

Every project manager has to negotiate. Whether it is for resources, with resources, the myriad of suppliers or your stakeholders, nothing is a ‘given’. Let’s start with a definition: “A discussion between two or more parties who may disagree, but

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Communication – clarity is key

In all forms of communication, clarity of the message is key if you want the message to be understood as intended. This is particularly true in managing projects where many of the people you need to communicate with can be

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It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it

In project management there are the ‘hard skills’ (planning, risk & issue management, status reporting etc) and the ‘soft skills’ (managing the team, stakeholder engagement, communications – all things people related). There are plenty of templates for the former, but

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