Month: March 2014

Cost over runs on small to medium size projects

All projects are at risk of cost overruns. We’ve all read about the mega projects that go wrong like the channel tunnel and the ongoing saga of Berlin’s new airport. But in reality these are the exceptions. Most big projects

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How to get value from Prince2

Week 2 of the second #PMFlashblog saw Europe give its perspective on the state of project management. A number of posts have discussed the merits of Prince2 as a qualification. Prince2 as a qualification misses the point, and much more

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Avoiding difficult questions at the Project Board

When presenting you status update or progress spotlight to the Project Board there are a few golden rules. Follow them and you should avoid difficult questions. Ignoring them could spell trouble. Golden rule 1 – know your audience This is

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Project management in the UK in 2014

Project management in the UK in 2014 is buoyant. Despite a number of major government backed projects still having problems, the public mindset is more inclined to focus on the successes of events like the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

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Your boss wants what? How to deal with difficult demands

Picture the scenario: you’re at a critical stage in your project with a number of key tasks on the critical path all lined up with your best resource earmarked to deliver them when you get an e-mail. It’s from your

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