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All project managers should learn their lessons, and make them available to others


We all grow and develop our skills through learning. Some of that is from formal training and education but the most valuable learning comes from experience. From doing and being involved in things and, yes, making mistakes. In fact, if

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Motivating your project team

Motivation Concept

It is recognised by pretty much everyone that a highly motivated team will out perform most other teams, even those better qualified and more experienced ones. Their level of motivation drives them to out perform. To do whatever it takes

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When the PMO becomes bureaucracy


A while back I set up a new PMO to support an internal restructuring programme. I set up the governance, the meetings and the associated infrastructure to maintain documentation and control. As PMO lead, my role was to prompt, prod

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Why you need a plan

Bridge misplan

Could this happen to you? Ok, you’re probably not building bridges but how many times have you undertaken a project and found things a bit disjointed? You’ve had to switch between tasks or streams because you hadn’t planned out the

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