Month: May 2014

Who’s running this sweetie shop?

Regular readers of my blog will know the importance I place on the people side of project and programme management. Most problems occur for people reasons. Even when things are technically challenging, it’s often the reluctance to accept this on

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Are you doing the right project?

The why? question is the most powerful in the PM’s armoury. Why are we doing this? Why do it that way? Why not try this? It’s valid throughout the life of the project. Let me tell you a little story:

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Putting ‘people skills’ into project management training

Typical project management training focuses on methodology, tools and techniques – what I call the hard skills. The soft skills such as team building, communication, leadership etc. are often taught separately and without a project focus. But projects are delivered

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Avoid costly mistakes in project management training

Whenever you look at training there are always two perspectives that matter: the individual and the organisation. From the individual’s perspective, they want training to give them two things. The first is an improved ability to do their job. The