Month: June 2014

Creating a viable business case

The business case is probably the single most important document in any project. Why? Because it provides the justification for the very existence and continuation of the project. The business case is a living document, constantly refined and updated throughout

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Do you want to end up like Gary Lewin (the England football team physio)?

So, who watched the football on Saturday night then? I think it’s fair to say that England’s only goal of the game has, in some ways, been overshadowed slightly by the post-goal celebration. After Sturridge knocked the ball into the

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Is your project’s RAG status an accurate reflection delivery expectation

Most project governance structures will have a methodology for assessing the overall RAG status of a project. It will typically assess status against resourcing, costs, benefits and, most importantly, milestones. It is typically delivery against plan that is the key

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Who’s steering your project?

Is your steering committee or project board providing active guidance to your project? It should be an effective team providing guidance and help for you deliver to great business solutions, but many steering committees or project boards operate at the

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