Month: July 2014

Project status reporting – bureaucratic sledgehammer or pragmatism

How do you balance bureaucracy and pragmatism in project status reporting. I have often heard the following retort from hard pressed project managers: “Do you want me to deliver stuff or report on delivering stuff – I don’t have time

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Alarm! Where are your risks and issues monitored?

I heard a comment from a programme manger recently which went something like this: ” I’d like to take the risks and issues to the steering group this week as we haven’t reviewed them for a while” Does this set

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World cup leadership and team lessons

So the football world cup is over for another four years. But can we learn any lessons on leadership and the value of the team? I think we can. Look at the surprise team of the tournament – Costa Rica.

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Fergie’s hairdryer – good or bad leadership?

Anyone who follows football and many that don’t will have heard of Manchester United’s legendary former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Woe be tide anyone who didn’t perform to the required standard or follow his managerial direction because they were treated

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What’s on your project dashboard?

I recently wrote a post asking if the RAG status of your project reflects delivery expectation as you approach go-live. [Is your project’s RAG status an accurate reflection delivery expectation] We’ve all seen the projects that are Red week after

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