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Tools and techniques: Get organised with Outlook


Why have I included Outlook as one of my top 5 apps for project management? Because as a project manager you can get inundated with e-mail and easily get a sense of overwhelm. And when that happens you start to

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Simple Project Management that Works


This is the first of two blog posts on the basics of project management. I often say that project management is a big and challenging job. When you are running a large or complex project this is true. But at

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SharePoint for project management

SharePoint is one of the most under used applications in most large organisations. Yes, it gets used as an alternative network drive, but it is such a powerful tool with so many useful features which most users never discover. In

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Are you a good leader?

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The most effective project managers are also good leaders. They get their teams to excel, to go the extra mile, they extract every last element of synergy. But how do you know how you stack up as a leader? DILBERT

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“Balls!” Project Management lessons from zookeepers.


War. Death. Terror. Ebola… …it’s fair to say that much of the news lately has been pretty grim (nothing new there!), so you can imagine my relief when I stumbled across a story that bore the headline ‘Zoo abandons hyena

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8 Huge project management training hoaxes/myths

Aladins lamp

Project management training should be the biggest enabler for the growth and success of any organisation. But because of these hoaxes/myths perpetuated by vendors and ill informed managers alike, the return on investment in project management training is often poor

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There’s no ‘i’ in Ryder Cup – more team lessons from sport


It’s one of those trite old phrases that always rocks up at team building events and courses: There’s no ‘i’ in team. Well I think there are lots of ‘i’s in a team -  Individuals who submit to the team

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