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A good PMO starts with the end in mind

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All projects evolve as they go through the project lifecycle. Plans will become more definitive  on a rolling basis. Designs crystalise and solutions get identified and adopted. Vested interests become apparent and often new or somewhat hidden requirements come to

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Same old approach, same old results!

More of the same ahead

There’s an adage in my business entrepreneurs group that if you carry on doing the same things, you’ll end up with the same results. If you want to earn more profits, be better recognised, be seen as the go to

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Project failure: a series of overs and unders and how to avoid them


Over ambition, under estimation, over expectation, under engagement, over optimism, under investment, over simplification. These are just a few of project management’s overs and unders. This article is all about identifying and avoiding them.  I was on a flight re-reading

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Simple Project Management that Works – part 2


This is the second of two blog posts on the basics of project management. Project management can seem a big and challenging job. When you are running a large or complex project with lots of stakeholder engagement issues, this is

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Excel in Project Management

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Excel is a ‘must have’ tool for every project manager. Most, if not all, organisations have it installed on the desktop as part of the MS Office suite. So everyone has a form of project management system at their fingertips.

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