Month: January 2015

Why plans go wrong – and how to fix them

It has been quite a while since I was last given a project or programme to run from scratch from day one. These days I tend to be brought in to fix problems. As a result I see many broken

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Planning time usage efficiently – don’t ass-U-me

We all have a tendency to put off things we don’t like doing. Tax returns, expenses claims….. project documentation. Especially documenting details, outcomes and evidence of tasks we are performing. Now in the world of personal productivity and time management,

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Building a team from a group of individuals

To build a highly effective and motivated team there are a few basic ground rules that really help create the right environment. I often refer to them as my project behaviour commandments. They’re not orders or commands, but a set

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Did your project get the Christmas present it wanted?

Did you take the opportunity afforded by the Christmas and New Year holidays to take stock of your project? The Christmas and New Year holiday season is often a good time to take stock of your project because there is

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