Month: February 2015

Re-evaluating the business case – good money after bad?

The business case is one of the critical documents produced during the initiation of a project or programme. It sets out the expected costs and benefits, both financial and non-financial, that the project will incur and deliver. But given the

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Are you brave enough to empower your team?

Micro-management is the complete opposite of leadership. Micro-managers seek to control every detail of how tasks are done, how the team performs, and what the team’s outputs look like. It’s also an anathema to any true leader. A true leader

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The project management ‘sweetspot’

If you have ever hit a cricket ball for four runs, smashed a drive down the middle of a fairway or lashed a passing shot down the line in a tennis match you’ll understand what it means to find your

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PMO Best Practice – does it really mean anything?

What is ‘best practice’ Best practice as a term is in fact a misnomer. The optimal practices that are employed within a particular PMO will be dependent on the scope and objectives of the PMO, the level of project and

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