Month: April 2015

People are ‘buggy’

Whether you are running a one man project, a £100m programme or running your own business, you will have to interact with people. Whether it is to buy something, market what you are doing, gather the requirements or deliver the

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Breaking news…..DON’T READ IT! (time bandits alert)

Of all the resources we have at our disposal time is the most precious. Where as paper, metal and other physical resources can get recycled, money gets recycled through the economy and even people get recycled through different jobs and

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Building a project management capability

If you stick a mile of motorway in the centre of a city it might be great for the short while your on it, but getting on and off will be a nightmare. The motorway’s job is to move traffic

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The productivity triangle

Whether you are a project manager or an entrepreneur you are used to having to juggle things to get them done. And you want to make sure you deliver stuff to the right quality, so you are used to balancing

Don’t believe bullshit baffles brains

Nobody likes to feel or seem stupid. But when somebody describes a detailed technical solution or gives a complex business explanation of a problem it sometimes just washes right over you and there is a temptation to nod wisely in

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