Month: July 2015

Why Project Managers should use LinkedIn

Mention LinkedIn and most people think of two things: keeping in touch with colleagues (usually from old jobs) and recruitment. That’s understandable because of the way LinkedIn presents itself to it’s users. Create a profile and it asks you for

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Bring me solutions not problems: leadership vs management

Leadership is something that many organisations lack. In many larger organisations there will be pockets of leadership, but often it is inconsistent. For small companies, particularly those run by owner managers, leadership often requires a degree of bravery. You see,

Communications – a key PMO responsibility

The PMO has multiple roles to play when it comes to communications. The roles may also vary depending on what sort of PMO you are in. But whatever the type of PMO and whatever the role, there a few basics

Stakeholder engagement – the PMO role

Getting the right engagement with stakeholders, and with one key stakeholder – the project sponsor – is critical to the smooth running and success of your project. The problem is most stakeholders know very little about project management. They are

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Goal setting – don’t target mediocrity

It’s that time of year when performance objectives are reviewed at the half-way point through the year. It’s a frustrating time for a number of reasons. Most people have too many objectives and they are shoehorned into a corporate structure

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