Month: September 2015

Wiifm – the magic sauce in project management

One pf my core project management beliefs is that project management is all about people. Projects are delivered by people, for people and impacting people. You can know the processes and methods inside-out but if you ignore the people side

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Maximising team performance

What does it take to maximise the project team performance? In the short term there are a number of factors that can come in to play with varying degrees of success depending on how often they are used and how

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The art of communication

Communications are in essence the project’s marketing materials. It’s the project’s way of getting its message out there to all interested or impacted parties. Like all marketing, there are three aspects to it – market, message and media – and

Portfolio management – from strategy to implementation

Many organisations struggle to achieve effective portfolio management. I’ve had a number of project and programme PMO and assurance roles so I’ve seen quite a few large portfolios over the years. And the majority I’ve seen typically lack one thing

Why are business cases so hard to write

The quality of the average business case sucks. I’ve had a number of project and programme assurance roles and run some large portfolio management offices so I have reviewed quite a few business cases over the years. And the majority