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Doing the right project

Doing the right project

Are you doing the right project? This week I’ve decided to do things a little different and rather than write about my topic for the week, I’ve recoded a short 10 minute video. It’s a story I relate on my

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Who has accountability for project reporting

Who's Accountable Headlines News Investigation Responsibility

It was an important monthly meeting. The one where we track progress against the objectives of the portfolios the firm was trying to deliver.   But one of the portfolio managers was busy. He couldn’t spare the time. So he

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Is your project hooked on dependencies?

Concept of gantt chart with task completion.

“My project is going to be delayed because I am dependent in ‘X’ and ‘X’ is behind schedule” Sound familiar? Dependencies outside the control of the project manager are one of the most common reasons for project delays and late

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Over ambition – the root cause of plan failure

Up the career ladder

The plan was set out. The supplier activity agreed and signed-off. It would be challenging, but ‘doable’. But I hadn’t factored in over ambition. The fact that I was trying to achieve too much in a tight timeframe. That I

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