Year: 2016

Motivation – will you read this?

Just the thought of a 50 slide deck on motivation demotivates me – how about you? Motivation is a very personal thing. What might motivate me to do something could leave you without the slightest inclination to do it. Two

Your project’s family tree

Business user: How do I get the system to do x? Project manager: Ah, x wasn’t in the requirements Business: Yes it was Project manager: It’s not in the requirements specification you signed off Business: But we talked about it

Project Assurance – does it add value?

Is project assurance a valuable tool in ensuring project delivery or an expensive unnecessary overhead that duplicates what internal audit already do? In my view, if you are having that debate, you’ve missed the point. In fact, you’ve asked the

Projects without people

What a lovely thought. No changes to requirements. Do late delivery. Nobody saying you can’t do that. But could you have projects without people? Projects are delivered by people, for people and impacting people. So you can’t get away from

Communication – clarity vs project-speak

As a project manager I don’t profess to be an expert in all the different aspects of my project or all the skills needed to deliver it. But I do know enough to know when I am being fed a

The power of face to face

I recently attended a team building day. No, it wasn’t one of those outdoor tree hugging events where you learn to trust your colleagues by jumping out of a tree into their arms. It was much more fundamental, much more

Project disaster alert – A disengaged project sponsor

Project disasters often start at the top – with the project sponsor. Sponsors rarely set out to be difficult, hard to get hold of or disengaged, but it often happens. Why is that? There are a number of possible reasons.

Project disaster alert – the target benefits lack credibility

Just as every project costs money every project is expected to deliver benefits. If not, why is the project being undertaken? But do your benefits stand up to scrutiny?   Even projects you wouldn’t necessarily want to undertake such as

Potential project disaster – An out of date plan

Have you ever bought or made something with the best intentions of using it, but then it ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust? After a while the spiders know more about it than you and you can’t even

Project disaster alert – no dedicated full-time project manager

Project management is a big and very demanding job. Just look at the graphic to the left to get a feel for the true scope and scale of the role of a project manager. For all but the smallest of