Month: January 2016

Project disaster alert – the target benefits lack credibility

Just as every project costs money every project is expected to deliver benefits. If not, why is the project being undertaken? But do your benefits stand up to scrutiny?   Even projects you wouldn’t necessarily want to undertake such as

Potential project disaster – An out of date plan

Have you ever bought or made something with the best intentions of using it, but then it ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust? After a while the spiders know more about it than you and you can’t even

Project disaster alert – no dedicated full-time project manager

Project management is a big and very demanding job. Just look at the graphic to the left to get a feel for the true scope and scale of the role of a project manager. For all but the smallest of

The art of listening – the key to effective communication

Many people think of communications as telling people something. Of needing to get a message across. But even when your objective is to inform, to pass comment, to relay progress or status, it’s important to listen to your audience. Listen