7 easy steps to become a better project manager

Seven Blank Steps Show Copy Space For 7 Letter WordWhilst catching up on e-mails and posts on holiday I came across an article written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs that I think is equally relevant to project managers. How so? Because project managers are just like entrepreneurs and running your project is like running a business, with the business case (costs and benefits) your P&L. Read on and see if you agree…..


Do you wake up every day to a specific routine? The same boring, robotic movements to get you through your front door on-time… Now I certainly hope you don’t run your projects that way!

Did you know habits can be seen as both a necessity and a weakness for a busy project manager…? 

Well, you’re in luck today because I’ve found a great article with a few suggestions to spice up your life (well mornings). And you never know, you might even become a better project manager because of these suggestions…

  1. Read your emails and then shut them down: The old inbox can get ever so confusing from time to time. Get the information you need, then avoid getting distracted with it by setting a time later in the day to catch up again.
  2. Exercise: It’s probably the last word you want to hear in the morning, but you can benefit so much from it. Want to reduce stress? Improve focus? Well, what are you waiting for?
  3. Meditate: No you don’t have to be able to cross your legs over in a pretzel like manor to do it. Be at peace, distraction free, for 20 – 30 minutes in the morning and you’ll be able to feel the difference. Just find a comfy, quiet place and let your mind do the rest
  4. Prioritise: Why not map out a plan listing tasks that you need to complete and tackle the hardest first? As simple as this may seem, it works, believe me!

Now I don’t expect you to do all these things every morning, you’d have to get up at 4am! But, why not try out a few and see if you can feel a difference? 

Want to find out the final three? Well you’ll just have to follow this link then…the website will also have the full description of the ones I have already mentioned.

Come on, you know you want to…just click…


PS. Remember… great days start with great mornings…

PPS. Starting next week – a series of daily posts on spotting and avoiding/dealing with the key signs of impending project disaster. Keep an eye on your inbox after the UK bank holiday.

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