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Project Assurance – does it add value?

Is project assurance a valuable tool in ensuring project delivery or an expensive unnecessary overhead that duplicates what internal audit already do? In my view, if you are having that debate, you’ve missed the point. In fact, you’ve asked the

Avoiding Bureaucracy in a PMO control framework

I hate bureaucracy! Period! Yet when I tell people I have spent a large part of the last five years running PMO’s for major business change programmes in large Financial Institutions they look at me with a wry smile and

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Project Assurance vs Internal Audit – No Contest!

Is there a need for both Project Assurance and Internal Audit? Surely they both do much the same job? Isn’t having both an unnecessary and expensive luxury? That’s an argument I have heard many times in medium and large scale

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Do you want to end up like Gary Lewin (the England football team physio)?

So, who watched the football on Saturday night then? I think it’s fair to say that England’s only goal of the game has, in some ways, been overshadowed slightly by the post-goal celebration. After Sturridge knocked the ball into the

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