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Portfolio management – from strategy to implementation

Many organisations struggle to achieve effective portfolio management. I’ve had a number of project and programme PMO and assurance roles so I’ve seen quite a few large portfolios over the years. And the majority I’ve seen typically lack one thing

Why are business cases so hard to write

The quality of the average business case sucks. I’ve had a number of project and programme assurance roles and run some large portfolio management offices so I have reviewed quite a few business cases over the years. And the majority

Re-evaluating the business case – good money after bad?

The business case is one of the critical documents produced during the initiation of a project or programme. It sets out the expected costs and benefits, both financial and non-financial, that the project will incur and deliver. But given the

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Creating a viable business case

The business case is probably the single most important document in any project. Why? Because it provides the justification for the very existence and continuation of the project. The business case is a living document, constantly refined and updated throughout

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Cost over runs on small to medium size projects

All projects are at risk of cost overruns. We’ve all read about the mega projects that go wrong like the channel tunnel and the ongoing saga of Berlin’s new airport. But in reality these are the exceptions. Most big projects

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