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Projects without people

What a lovely thought. No changes to requirements. Do late delivery. Nobody saying you can’t do that. But could you have projects without people? Projects are delivered by people, for people and impacting people. So you can’t get away from

Communication – clarity vs project-speak

As a project manager I don’t profess to be an expert in all the different aspects of my project or all the skills needed to deliver it. But I do know enough to know when I am being fed a

The art of listening – the key to effective communication

Many people think of communications as telling people something. Of needing to get a message across. But even when your objective is to inform, to pass comment, to relay progress or status, it’s important to listen to your audience. Listen

Who has accountability for project reporting

It was an important monthly meeting. The one where we track progress against the objectives of the portfolios the firm was trying to deliver.   But one of the portfolio managers was busy. He couldn’t spare the time. So he

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Wiifm – the magic sauce in project management

One pf my core project management beliefs is that project management is all about people. Projects are delivered by people, for people and impacting people. You can know the processes and methods inside-out but if you ignore the people side

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The art of communication

Communications are in essence the project’s marketing materials. It’s the project’s way of getting its message out there to all interested or impacted parties. Like all marketing, there are three aspects to it – market, message and media – and

Does your environment allow open and honest communication

There are some bosses who just don’t like to hear the truth. They only want to hear good news. They don’t want to deal with any problems. Could this be your boss….. DILBERT © 2015 Scott Adams. Used By permission

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Communications – a key PMO responsibility

The PMO has multiple roles to play when it comes to communications. The roles may also vary depending on what sort of PMO you are in. But whatever the type of PMO and whatever the role, there a few basics

Stakeholder engagement – the PMO role

Getting the right engagement with stakeholders, and with one key stakeholder – the project sponsor – is critical to the smooth running and success of your project. The problem is most stakeholders know very little about project management. They are

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Don’t believe bullshit baffles brains

Nobody likes to feel or seem stupid. But when somebody describes a detailed technical solution or gives a complex business explanation of a problem it sometimes just washes right over you and there is a temptation to nod wisely in

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