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Meetings: being busy vs productive

DILBERT © 2015 Scott Adams. Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. All rights reserved Meetings. Don’t you just love them? Or is your’s more of a love-hate relationship? A well structured, properly run meeting with the right empowered attendees can

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Why Project Managers should use LinkedIn

Mention LinkedIn and most people think of two things: keeping in touch with colleagues (usually from old jobs) and recruitment. That’s understandable because of the way LinkedIn presents itself to it’s users. Create a profile and it asks you for

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Goal setting – don’t target mediocrity

It’s that time of year when performance objectives are reviewed at the half-way point through the year. It’s a frustrating time for a number of reasons. Most people have too many objectives and they are shoehorned into a corporate structure

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What’s your strategy to get your next job

 DILBERT © 2015 Scott Adams. Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. All rights reserved Who needs a strategy to get a new job? Well, ask anyone who missed out on the role they really wanted, and they’ll tell you they

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Getting hired as a project manager

I’ve hired project managers at all levels from graduate trainees up to experienced senior project and programme managers. What did I look for? Well that depended on the level and the particular role I was trying to fill. If it

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Attitude is key to being a good project manager

I saw an advert for a TV programme today that is all about people working for KFC – the chicken shop. One girl in the trailer made a comment that went something like this “they’re all intelligent and educated and

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It’s all your fault

When you take on the role of project manager, you take responsibility for everything to do with your project. It’s a very big job which the diagram to the left gives you some idea of. If anything goes wrong –

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Did your project get the Christmas present it wanted?

Did you take the opportunity afforded by the Christmas and New Year holidays to take stock of your project? The Christmas and New Year holiday season is often a good time to take stock of your project because there is

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The art of delegation

Most projects, even large ones, start out quite small. When the project is just an idea and you are developing the project brief, project request, terms of reference or whatever that first document is that signifies the birth of your

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More haste, less speed – we’re all too busy

The old saying ‘more haste, less speed’ means if you rush in to things you can miss something and have to do it all over again. At the most basic level, you rush to type an e-mail, press send and

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