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Potential project disaster – An out of date plan

Bridge misplan

Have you ever bought or made something with the best intentions of using it, but then it ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust? After a while the spiders know more about it than you and you can’t even

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Is your project hooked on dependencies?

Concept of gantt chart with task completion.

“My project is going to be delayed because I am dependent in ‘X’ and ‘X’ is behind schedule” Sound familiar? Dependencies outside the control of the project manager are one of the most common reasons for project delays and late

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Over ambition – the root cause of plan failure

Up the career ladder

The plan was set out. The supplier activity agreed and signed-off. It would be challenging, but ‘doable’. But I hadn’t factored in over ambition. The fact that I was trying to achieve too much in a tight timeframe. That I

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Milestone levelling -­ what makes an effective plan

Milestone leveling

Planning. Where to start. Well the lyrics from a very well known song from The Sound of Music suggest “Let’s start at the very beginning, A very good place to start”. But when planning a project, I’d suggest the opposite

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Breaking news…..DON’T READ IT! (time bandits alert)

time concept

Of all the resources we have at our disposal time is the most precious. Where as paper, metal and other physical resources can get recycled, money gets recycled through the economy and even people get recycled through different jobs and

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Why plans go wrong – and how to fix them

Bridge misplan

It has been quite a while since I was last given a project or programme to run from scratch from day one. These days I tend to be brought in to fix problems. As a result I see many broken

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Planning time usage efficiently – don’t ass-U-me


We all have a tendency to put off things we don’t like doing. Tax returns, expenses claims….. project documentation. Especially documenting details, outcomes and evidence of tasks we are performing. Now in the world of personal productivity and time management,

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Same old approach, same old results!

More of the same ahead

There’s an adage in my business entrepreneurs group that if you carry on doing the same things, you’ll end up with the same results. If you want to earn more profits, be better recognised, be seen as the go to

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Tools and techniques: Get organised with Outlook


Why have I included Outlook as one of my top 5 apps for project management? Because as a project manager you can get inundated with e-mail and easily get a sense of overwhelm. And when that happens you start to

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Projects – Plan for Success


It’s likely that most of us have heard the phrase “poor planning = poor performance” or “fail to plan – plan to fail” and other variations on the same theme. What it all boils down to is that the success

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