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The 8 components of a PMO Controls Framework


The PMO Controls Framework should be a simple, concise set of activities or processes, clearly articulated through a PMO handbook or similar document, that enables project and programme managers to understand the what, how and why of everything they need

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Avoiding Bureaucracy in a PMO control framework


I hate bureaucracy! Period! Yet when I tell people I have spent a large part of the last five years running PMO’s for major business change programmes in large Financial Institutions they look at me with a wry smile and

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Setting up the PMO Controls Framework


There are a number of key prerequisites for an effective PMO. Having the right sponsorship and remit are the most critical. Staffing the PMO with the right people – proactive experienced people with at least a smattering of delivery experience

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Why lessons learned don’t get implemented

Money down the drain

Many organisations talk about implementing best practices, learning lessons from past projects and developing a corporate knowledge base of all their project and programme experiences. For those looking to measure and grow their project management capabilities through Capability Maturity Models,

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PMO Best Practice – does it really mean anything?


What is ‘best practice’ Best practice as a term is in fact a misnomer. The optimal practices that are employed within a particular PMO will be dependent on the scope and objectives of the PMO, the level of project and

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A good PMO starts with the end in mind

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All projects evolve as they go through the project lifecycle. Plans will become more definitive  on a rolling basis. Designs crystalise and solutions get identified and adopted. Vested interests become apparent and often new or somewhat hidden requirements come to

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SharePoint for project management

SharePoint is one of the most under used applications in most large organisations. Yes, it gets used as an alternative network drive, but it is such a powerful tool with so many useful features which most users never discover. In

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When the PMO becomes bureaucracy


A while back I set up a new PMO to support an internal restructuring programme. I set up the governance, the meetings and the associated infrastructure to maintain documentation and control. As PMO lead, my role was to prompt, prod

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