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Who has accountability for project reporting

It was an important monthly meeting. The one where we track progress against the objectives of the portfolios the firm was trying to deliver.   But one of the portfolio managers was busy. He couldn’t spare the time. So he

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The 8 components of a PMO Controls Framework

The PMO Controls Framework should be a simple, concise set of activities or processes, clearly articulated through a PMO handbook or similar document, that enables project and programme managers to understand the what, how and why of everything they need

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A good PMO starts with the end in mind

All projects evolve as they go through the project lifecycle. Plans will become more definitive  on a rolling basis. Designs crystalise and solutions get identified and adopted. Vested interests become apparent and often new or somewhat hidden requirements come to

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Project status reporting – bureaucratic sledgehammer or pragmatism

How do you balance bureaucracy and pragmatism in project status reporting. I have often heard the following retort from hard pressed project managers: “Do you want me to deliver stuff or report on delivering stuff – I don’t have time

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What’s on your project dashboard?

I recently wrote a post asking if the RAG status of your project reflects delivery expectation as you approach go-live. [Is your project’s RAG status an accurate reflection delivery expectation] We’ve all seen the projects that are Red week after

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Avoiding difficult questions at the Project Board

When presenting you status update or progress spotlight to the Project Board there are a few golden rules. Follow them and you should avoid difficult questions. Ignoring them could spell trouble. Golden rule 1 – know your audience This is

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