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Project status reporting – bureaucratic sledgehammer or pragmatism

How do you balance bureaucracy and pragmatism in project status reporting. I have often heard the following retort from hard pressed project managers: “Do you want me to deliver stuff or report on delivering stuff – I don’t have time

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Alarm! Where are your risks and issues monitored?

I heard a comment from a programme manger recently which went something like this: ” I’d like to take the risks and issues to the steering group this week as we haven’t reviewed them for a while” Does this set

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What’s on your project dashboard?

I recently wrote a post asking if the RAG status of your project reflects delivery expectation as you approach go-live. [Is your project’s RAG status an accurate reflection delivery expectation] We’ve all seen the projects that are Red week after

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Is your project’s RAG status an accurate reflection delivery expectation

Most project governance structures will have a methodology for assessing the overall RAG status of a project. It will typically assess status against resourcing, costs, benefits and, most importantly, milestones. It is typically delivery against plan that is the key

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Avoiding difficult questions at the Project Board

When presenting you status update or progress spotlight to the Project Board there are a few golden rules. Follow them and you should avoid difficult questions. Ignoring them could spell trouble. Golden rule 1 – know your audience This is

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