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Project disaster alert – A disengaged project sponsor

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Project disasters often start at the top – with the project sponsor. Sponsors rarely set out to be difficult, hard to get hold of or disengaged, but it often happens. Why is that? There are a number of possible reasons.

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Potential project disaster – An out of date plan

Bridge misplan

Have you ever bought or made something with the best intentions of using it, but then it ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust? After a while the spiders know more about it than you and you can’t even

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Project disaster alert – no dedicated full-time project manager


Project management is a big and very demanding job. Just look at the graphic to the left to get a feel for the true scope and scale of the role of a project manager. For all but the smallest of

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Resolving project problems – where to start

Project crisis

Maybe you’re behind schedule or over budget. Perhaps there are some key issues turning your status Red. Or it might be the sponsor or steering committee are just unhappy with the way things seem to be going. Whatever the reason,

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Project failure: a series of overs and unders and how to avoid them


Over ambition, under estimation, over expectation, under engagement, over optimism, under investment, over simplification. These are just a few of project management’s overs and unders. This article is all about identifying and avoiding them.  I was on a flight re-reading

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