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Maximising team performance

What does it take to maximise the project team performance? In the short term there are a number of factors that can come in to play with varying degrees of success depending on how often they are used and how

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Goal setting – don’t target mediocrity

It’s that time of year when performance objectives are reviewed at the half-way point through the year. It’s a frustrating time for a number of reasons. Most people have too many objectives and they are shoehorned into a corporate structure

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Project managers – how to hire

My first experience of managing a project was of the accidental kind. I was given the project to run as a side-line of my day job running an accounts team. I had to implement an accounting system, replacing the manual

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Are you brave enough to empower your team?

Micro-management is the complete opposite of leadership. Micro-managers seek to control every detail of how tasks are done, how the team performs, and what the team’s outputs look like. It’s also an anathema to any true leader. A true leader

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The project management ‘sweetspot’

If you have ever hit a cricket ball for four runs, smashed a drive down the middle of a fairway or lashed a passing shot down the line in a tennis match you’ll understand what it means to find your

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Building a team from a group of individuals

To build a highly effective and motivated team there are a few basic ground rules that really help create the right environment. I often refer to them as my project behaviour commandments. They’re not orders or commands, but a set

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Did your project get the Christmas present it wanted?

Did you take the opportunity afforded by the Christmas and New Year holidays to take stock of your project? The Christmas and New Year holiday season is often a good time to take stock of your project because there is

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The art of delegation

Most projects, even large ones, start out quite small. When the project is just an idea and you are developing the project brief, project request, terms of reference or whatever that first document is that signifies the birth of your

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Are you a good leader?

The most effective project managers are also good leaders. They get their teams to excel, to go the extra mile, they extract every last element of synergy. But how do you know how you stack up as a leader? DILBERT

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There’s no ‘i’ in Ryder Cup – more team lessons from sport

It’s one of those trite old phrases that always rocks up at team building events and courses: There’s no ‘i’ in team. Well I think there are lots of ‘i’s in a team –  Individuals who submit to the team

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