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Learn to translate (what your team are saying) in 20 seconds!

Learning to decipher stuff back in the day used to be easy. For example, pirates had a map with a bloody huge X on it! It doesn’t get much easier than that. But figuring out what your project team or

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World cup leadership and team lessons

So the football world cup is over for another four years. But can we learn any lessons on leadership and the value of the team? I think we can. Look at the surprise team of the tournament – Costa Rica.

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Fergie’s hairdryer – good or bad leadership?

Anyone who follows football and many that don’t will have heard of Manchester United’s legendary former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Woe be tide anyone who didn’t perform to the required standard or follow his managerial direction because they were treated

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Putting ‘people skills’ into project management training

Typical project management training focuses on methodology, tools and techniques – what I call the hard skills. The soft skills such as team building, communication, leadership etc. are often taught separately and without a project focus. But projects are delivered

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Motivating your project team

It is recognised by pretty much everyone that a highly motivated team will out perform most other teams, even those better qualified and more experienced ones. Their level of motivation drives them to out perform. To do whatever it takes

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Analysing and managing conflict

Before you can deal with any conflict you need to understand it. You need to understand: Who is involved in the conflict? Is it more widespread than the immediately obvious protagonists? What is the conflict about? What are the facts? Why

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Delivering your project – will it make your boat go faster?

Many projects struggle to deliver successfully. How do you build a team that can overcome the trials and tribulations of project delivery and excel at project execution? Earlier this week I watched the replay of a talk by Ben Hunt-Davis

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Why “Top 5 tips for…” don’t work

You’ve probably seen the blog posts or received the e-mails: 5 ways to improve your time management; 10 things to improve your project management performance etc. The most recent I received was titled “The 12 things successful people do before

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