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Building a project management capability

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If you stick a mile of motorway in the centre of a city it might be great for the short while your on it, but getting on and off will be a nightmare. The motorway’s job is to move traffic

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Did your project get the Christmas present it wanted?


Did you take the opportunity afforded by the Christmas and New Year holidays to take stock of your project? The Christmas and New Year holiday season is often a good time to take stock of your project because there is

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Same old approach, same old results!

More of the same ahead

There’s an adage in my business entrepreneurs group that if you carry on doing the same things, you’ll end up with the same results. If you want to earn more profits, be better recognised, be seen as the go to

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8 Huge project management training hoaxes/myths

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Project management training should be the biggest enabler for the growth and success of any organisation. But because of these hoaxes/myths perpetuated by vendors and ill informed managers alike, the return on investment in project management training is often poor

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No one learns anything when they’re bored or unconscious….


So how do you get the interest and engagement when training project managers? No matter what the subject matter you will have a diverse audience and they will have different learning requirements. Instructional design research tells us that individual’s differ

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Are you doing the right project?

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The why? question is the most powerful in the PM’s armoury. Why are we doing this? Why do it that way? Why not try this? It’s valid throughout the life of the project. Let me tell you a little story:

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Putting ‘people skills’ into project management training

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Typical project management training focuses on methodology, tools and techniques – what I call the hard skills. The soft skills such as team building, communication, leadership etc. are often taught separately and without a project focus. But projects are delivered

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All project managers should learn their lessons, and make them available to others


We all grow and develop our skills through learning. Some of that is from formal training and education but the most valuable learning comes from experience. From doing and being involved in things and, yes, making mistakes. In fact, if

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Motivating your project team

Motivation Concept

It is recognised by pretty much everyone that a highly motivated team will out perform most other teams, even those better qualified and more experienced ones. Their level of motivation drives them to out perform. To do whatever it takes

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How to get value from Prince2

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Week 2 of the second #PMFlashblog saw Europe give its perspective on the state of project management. A number of posts have discussed the merits of Prince2 as a qualification. Prince2 as a qualification misses the point, and much more

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