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Motivation – will you read this?

Just the thought of a 50 slide deck on motivation demotivates me – how about you? Motivation is a very personal thing. What might motivate me to do something could leave you without the slightest inclination to do it. Two

The power of face to face

I recently attended a team building day. No, it wasn’t one of those outdoor tree hugging events where you learn to trust your colleagues by jumping out of a tree into their arms. It was much more fundamental, much more

Project disaster alert – the target benefits lack credibility

Just as every project costs money every project is expected to deliver benefits. If not, why is the project being undertaken? But do your benefits stand up to scrutiny?   Even projects you wouldn’t necessarily want to undertake such as

Project disaster alert – no dedicated full-time project manager

Project management is a big and very demanding job. Just look at the graphic to the left to get a feel for the true scope and scale of the role of a project manager. For all but the smallest of

My top 5 project management Christmas gifts + a gift for you

With a little over a week to go before Christmas, here are my top 5 project management gifts. They’re not too much to ask for. In fact, any self-respecting organisation should really have them for all their projects. But sadly,

Doing the right project

Are you doing the right project? This week I’ve decided to do things a little different and rather than write about my topic for the week, I’ve recoded a short 10 minute video. It’s a story I relate on my

The need for a change culture

The problem with project management…..   …is how project management has evolved! The current reality An old survey by KPMG from 2002 (Programme Management Survey 2002, ©KPMG) stated that 56% of the companies surveyed had had a failed project within

The two most under used words in project management

Two little words is all it took. Two little words that changed the destiny of a project and the project manager. Now these two words were spoken by the CEO of Group Operations for a major UK bank, but they

Meetings: being busy vs productive

DILBERT © 2015 Scott Adams. Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. All rights reserved Meetings. Don’t you just love them? Or is your’s more of a love-hate relationship? A well structured, properly run meeting with the right empowered attendees can

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Building a project management capability

If you stick a mile of motorway in the centre of a city it might be great for the short while your on it, but getting on and off will be a nightmare. The motorway’s job is to move traffic

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