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Project management – the ‘must have’ skill

With change the only constant in today’s fast moving economy, project management skills are a ‘must have’ competence if your organisation is to remain competitive. But how do you ensure your key resources acquire the appropriate know how?

Traditional project management training courses are either focused 0n one aspect of project management such as planning, or on getting delegates a certification such as Prince 2 with little real relevance to your organisation. Few, if any, pay attention to the people side of project management. Now there is an alternative.

Effective Project Management Workshop – featuring SimulTrain®

Day 1 of 2

This 2 day workshop starts on day 1 by focussing on the foundations needed for every successful project including the framework, organisation, key roles and responsibilities and initiating the project. It then moves into project execution using the project simulation tool SimulTrain®.

Working in teams of four, delegates assume the role of project manager of a pre-approved project. A task plan and budget have been created but no resources have been deployed. The first task for the delegate teams is to allocate resources to the tasks. As they do, the timeline and critical path on the plan move dynamically. They have to balance the skills of the resources with the costs involved whilst building in steps for quality control, team building and communication.

With planning well underway, the simulation starts and the delegate teams begin to face  series of questions about the project’s execution. Do they want an initial team meeting? If, so, for how long? The questions touch on all aspects of managing the team, their bosses, suppliers and other stakeholders. All the sorts of issues you face in real projects but don’t get trained on anywhere else!

After 4 weeks (around 90 minutes in the training room), the simulation stops. At this point delegates are tasked with preparing a progress report for the Project Board. They have key performance indicators on Costs, Quality, Schedule, Motivation and Risk. Anything below 100% is bad news and they will need to explain themselves to the Project Board the following morning.

Day 2

Day 2 begins with the Project Board meetings. Typically, client organisations invite one or two suitable senior managers to participate as members of the Project Board. Although much shorter and informal than a real Project Board, the pressure is still on for the delegates to perform, and valuable lessons are learnt.

Day 2 continues with a more detailed look s some of the key processes in executing a project, including planning, risk & issue management, quality & change control and stakeholder engagement. It’s then back to the simulator to complete the project. Prizes are given to the best performing team before the workshop is wrapped up by looking at some often forgotten subjects such as closing the project down.

Typical workshop agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • The Challenges with Projects
  • Project Framework
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Organisation
  • Simulation Stage 1
  • Progress Report Preparation

Day 2

  • Progress Report Delivery
  • Simulation Learning Points
  • Planning Issues
  • Risk Management
  • Quality & Change Control
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Simulation Stage 2
  • Closing a Project
  • Other Considerations

The workshop can be tailored to reflect your organisation’s approach to projects, including the terms and processes you follow. The use of SimulTrain® draws out the key lessons to be learned in running projects and relates them back to your own project environment. Courses can be run for between 8 and 20 delegates, on your own site or a suitable hotel/conference venue.

Here’s what our delegates have to say:

Very good training. Enthusiastic trainer with lot of experience

Delegate from Henry Schein May 2013

Good high level session; interactive and some good discussions. Very good manual. Booklet excellent. Accountable Executive, FSA

Very useful, I have taken away a range of ideas that can help my project   Accountable Executive, FSA

‘Allen Ruddock has delivered many Project Management Courses to client’s of mine over the last 8 years and he has consistently achieved excellent results together with very positive client feedback. He is meticulous in his preparation and he has a highly engaging delivery style quickly building and maintaining rapport with course delegates. If required he can include a very powerful project management simulation into the content which makes the training highly practical and enjoyable for course delegates. Allen is also a skilled consultant in the area of project management enabling him to create highly personalised solutions to a client’s needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking training or consultancy in the area of project management.’ Jeremy Francis CEO, Buyandtrain.com ltd.

Gianmaria recommendation3

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