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At some level moving employer is a leap of faith. Are they going to live up to all the hype and promises?

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Even if you get all the right answers to your questions, how do you know you asked all the right questions?

I remember when I wanted to move out of my early career as a part-qualified accountant and into the systems world. It’s a while back so the internet wasn’t around to do any research. Everything sounded great and I was in my notice period waiting to start my new job when a package arrived. It was a book titled “On Wings of Eagles” by Ken Follett.

It was about how the local senior managers of a US systems firm were imprisoned by the then Shah of Iran for refusing to continue working without payment. Ayatollah Khomeini was gaining influence and the country was descending into chaos. The CEO of the company was determined not to leave his managers to an uncertain fate in an Iranian jail so he hired an ex-Green Beret major called Bull Simmons to organise a bunch of his own employees with military experience to fly in to Iran and bust them out of jail.

Before they could break in to the jail the ayatollah’s followers over-ran the jail and the managers escaped. Bull Simmons and his team picked them up and got them home. The company was Electronic Data systems, better known as EDS, and the CEO was Ross Perot. And they were about to be my new employer. Boy did I wonder what sort of company was I joining!

No need for surprises

Today, there is no need to get the sort of surprise that I got when I read that book. Finding the right employer is much easier. Information about even the smallest employer is readily available through the internet. So you can identify your ideal employer with a few simple web searches.

Getting hired

But how do you get hired by them? Well most companies of any size, and most employees of companies of any size, are on LinkedIn. Many will post any job vacancies they have on LinkedIn,  or at least the agencies they use will. If you have a target employer then you need to target their existing employees and suppliers – particularly the recruitment consultants – and get connected as part of your job search strategy.

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