It’s official…. and it’s down to Project Managers like you!

Success: red graph over coins…the economy has recovered.

The British economy grew by 0.8% in the second quarter of 2014, returning us to where we were at this time in 2008 and for that, businesses have been given some credit!

There have, of course, been other contributing factors to the economy’s recovery, but businesses are definitely the key driver. Businesses have created the jobs and provided the services that create the wealth to pay the tax that provides our schools, runs our hospitals, pays the benefits and funds the overseas aid.

winningThat growth hasn’t come about through just a little extra volume. It’s come about through innovation and change driven by project managers just like you! We’re not the greatest at patting ourselves on the back as project managers. We don’t want to seem pompous, or deluded. And, of course, we’re always thinking ‘What’s next?’ – our minds have moved on – so there’s rarely time to reflect and bask in the glories that we’ve created.

However, if we don’t do it, it’s very unlikely that anyone else will, because no one else really understands just how much we’re doing. So here’s the permission you need to take a moment, kick back, treat yourself to an ice lolly, a cold beer or a nice glass of Pinot and reflect that your endeavors have helped to save our country from a whole lot of pain and grief and that what you do, day in, day out, is really pretty cool – and very important, valuable and appreciated.

It’s great news that there’s been a real encouragement of project management over the last few years. There are now more opportunities to learn about project management from hands on projects in schools to specific modules on project management in many 1st and masters degree courses. The Association for Project Management is well on the way to being granted a Royal Charter. There’s never been a better time to become or be a project manager. The future’s bright.

Of course, just as in business, project success is all about how you think and the questions that you ask. A situation can be completely transformed by thinking very differently and asking a different (much better!) question. And the same will be true in your project this week.

My favorite question? Glad you asked! Here it is:

What would need to happen in order for us to…deliver the project 4 weeks earlier/save £50k on the budget/release 3 team members for another project/increase the benefits of our project by 20%….etc. etc. See how powerful the right questions can be?

So, could you answer me one specific question for me? What would need to happen in order for your organisation to improve its project management training? Just hit reply and tell me your answer.




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One comment on “It’s official…. and it’s down to Project Managers like you!
  1. peter thumbi says:

    To improve on project management training the trainers will require to have the current first hand information about projects so that they can give relevant practical examples to participants which they can easily indentify with. Continuous learning cannot as well be under stated.

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