Learn to translate (what your team are saying) in 20 seconds!

Language schoolLearning to decipher stuff back in the day used to be easy.

For example, pirates had a map with a bloody huge X on it! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But figuring out what your project team or the business you are delivering too are thinking or talking about can be a much tougher nut to crack these days.

Thankfully the folks over at Mashable have come up with a handful of phrases to listen out for that give you a great idea of what your team members might REALLY be thinking when they spout them in the coffee shop or by the water fountain!

Check it out!

So with a keen ear you should be able to translate what your team mebers are saying into what they need! Then you’re on your way to creating a more successful, more agile, and more team-friendly project!

Remember, the four main problems that your team experience are:
  • Being Bored
  • Needing Help
  • Being Overworked
  • Needing Training/Experience

So listen out for tell-tale signs, and be proactive in nurturing your team!

You might think that your flashy new iPhone is Apple’s crowning achievement—but remember that it was a team who designed it, a team who made it, and a team that sold it!

Don’t be a pushover, but DO remember that team members are a project’s greatest asset! Fund them, love them, teach them, and reap the rewards of having a great team!

Remember, communication is at least twice as much about listening as talking!

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