My top 5 project management Christmas gifts + a gift for you

XmastreeWith a little over a week to go before Christmas, here are my top 5 project management gifts. They’re not too much to ask for. In fact, any self-respecting organisation should really have them for all their projects.

But sadly, the reality is that many don’t. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So here goes….


Present 2No. 1 A “house-trained” sponsor

Top of my list is fully engaged, committed and understanding sponsor. If this isn’t possible I wonder of Sanat could give my existing sponsorĀ  a place on the training course “How to perform the role of a project sponsor” or at the very least send him “Project Sponsorship for Dummies”. I’m tearing my hair out trying to get him to understand even the basics of what delivering a project is all about, so any help would be gratefully received.

No. 2 A balanced project team.iStock_000015298884Small Team balance

If you’ve ever inherited a project with a mixed bag of resources that seemed to have been chosen using the lottery machine, then I know how you feel. I’ve tried to assess the team’s strengths and weakness and everyone has completed a Belbin analysis. The end result is a picture of a team with more holes than a Swiss cheese.

N????????????????????????????????????????????o. 3 A fully documented set of requirements

Our colleagues in the business always promise us a list of requirements. We keep getting bits and peices from them, but they keep changing theor mind. Also, because there are three different areas they can’t agree and keep asking for conflicting things. Please, please, please can we have a finalised agreed requirements specification for Christmas.

No. 4 An approved project budgetmoney

Everyone likes to receive money at Christmas and my project is no exception. So please could we have approval for our buisness case. We haven’t been greedy and asked for too much, and we can show you exactly what we want to spend it on. And we do promise to give a good return on investment. All we need is a little signature so we can get on with the project. Pleeeease!

No. 5 A shiny new project management system

Project officeAs the project grows, tracking everything through a collection of Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint libraries, shared drivesĀ  and PowerPoint is getting harder and more tiresome by the day. Please could we have a shiny new integrated project management system that brings all the information together through one interface. We’ll be a lot more productive and you’ll get all the reporting you need instantly.


A gift for you

At this time of year, many people get in touch with old friends and colleagues they haven’t seen for a while. Now in the professional world, the easiest way to do that is through LinkedIn. Over half the world’s professionals now have a LinkedIn profile – that’s over 400 million people.

How to connect with ANYONE in he worldAnother thing many people think about is the year ahead and whether it’s time to look for new opportunities. LinkedIn is the perfect tool to help find those opportunities and early in January I’ll be telling you about how you can do just that. But for now, getting connected is the key step and with that in mind I have a little gift for you. It’s a free download copy of my guide on How to connect with anyone in the world. Just click on the link or the image. I hope it inspires you to get connecting this Christmas.

Have a great holiday season.

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