No one learns anything when they’re bored or unconscious….

So how do you get the interest and engagement when training project managers?

I see I forget etc

No matter what the subject matter you will have a diverse audience and they will have different learning requirements. Instructional design research tells us that individual’s differ in their ability to learn knowledge, depending on the medium in which it is conveyed. Some people learn faster by reading, others by listening, and most, by doing.

That’s where SimulTrain comes in. Watch this video….


By combining theory sessions, brainstorming and other practical exercises with SimulTrain and using real-life examples to explore the interaction of theory and practice, you can create a healthy learning environment, using different mediums and formats, and create different kinds of opportunities for learning to occur.

Why not try SimulTrain for yourself. If you are based in the UK and can get to Project Challenge Expo 2014 at London’s Olympia on 15th October then enter the Project Management Championship. This free to enter competition has its final on the second day of the Expo and finalists will use SimulTrain to see who can deliver faster, cheaper and with better quality and motivation.

Find out more and enter by clicking below

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