People are ‘buggy’

Full length portrait of business woman walking like zombieWhether you are running a one man project, a £100m programme or running your own business, you will have to interact with people. Whether it is to buy something, market what you are doing, gather the requirements or deliver the project to the business people will be involved. Even if your project is an information product delivered through the internet, your customers are still people.

You probably know by now that one of my key mantras is:

People deliver projects:

  • To people
  • For people
  • Impacting people and
  • With people

This Dilbert cartoon sums up the problem nicely:

People are buggy DILBERT © 2015 Scott Adams. Used By permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK. All rights reserved

People are ‘buggy’. Unlike a computer programme  where you can command “If A occurs, the Do B” with a person, when A occurs, they might well do B, but they might also do C, D,E or F. And if they are bloody minded they might do Z as well!. It’s a bit like they go into ‘sleep’ mode.

It’s that unpredictability that makes us fun and has helped us survive and evolve over millions of years. But it doesn’t half make running projects or building a business hard!

Now if you are reading this blog thinking I have a silver bullet for solving the people problems for your project or business, then I’m sadly going to disappoint you.  But what I can say is if you run your project or business and ignore the people aspects you will make it even harder for yourself. Whether they are your team, your staff, your customers/clients or your stakeholders, they must be front and centre of everything you do.

I felt so strongly about this I even wrote an e-book on it. Get your free copy here:

The magic ingredient in the project management mix

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