Putting ‘people skills’ into project management training

Business womanTypical project management training focuses on methodology, tools and techniques – what I call the hard skills. The soft skills such as team building, communication, leadership etc. are often taught separately and without a project focus. But projects are delivered by people, for people and impacting people. So project management training needs to cover these topics in a practical and relevant way. But how can you do that?

The answer is to use simulation.  Put delegates in the situation of actually running a project then throw all the inter-personal situations that they might face at them. Whether it is the boss trying to take away your best resource, difficult team members, the thorny issue of working from home or the jealous rival playing project assassin, simulation means all these situations can be faced and explored in a safe, risk free training environment. And because you are dealing with the people issues in a project environment, they are specifically relevant to the work you are doing.

The video below discusses the merits of using simulation in project management training and demonstrates the tool I use in most of my own training courses.


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