PM Bites

In today’s online, on-demand world, when you need project management training, you need it now. Whether you are struggling to put together your first business case, or you are having to manage performance issues with one of your team, you need quick advice from a trusted source. With 30 years practical experience managing programmes, projects and PMOs is all kinds of situations, I can help.

PM Bites logoPM Bites are a series of practical project management training modules in bite-sized webinar format lasting around 30 minutes each. Packed with guidance and practical real life examples, each module is standalone. Combined they provide an encyclopedia of project management covering the full range of project management skills, tools and techniques, including all those inter-personal skills you need to manage and lead your team and deal with the myriad of stakeholders such as sponsors, suppliers, bosses and co-workers. In short, everything you need to know to run a project from soup to nuts.

In addition to the online modules PM Bites subscribers get regular conference calls and webinars and membership of a private Facebook group so there is always help on hand. You are never left to try and implement those new skills alone.

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Modules can be licensed individually, by monthly subscription entitling you to chose two modules per month, or by annual subscription giving access to ALL modules as they are published. Pre-launch prices are:

Individual modules £25 plus VAT

Monthly subscription £30 plus VAT

Annual subscription £300 plus VAT

The initial batch of modules will be released by the end of October 2014 with the full planned catalogue to be released by 31st March 2015. The full catalogue is listed below. Subscription prices will increase as more modules are released, but your price will be locked in when you purchase.

Module name
Building a balanced team
Building the business case
Closing the Project
Communications management
Controlling project financials
Crisis management – command & control
Customer focus
Delivering a quality solution
Delivering benefits
Dependency identification & management
Gathering requirements
Getting ready to implement
Governance and controls
Key roles and responsibilities
Leadership vs management
Learning from successes and mistakes
Managing changes in the project
Managing go-live
Managing suppliers
Managing team performance
Managing the project team
Marketing your project
Negotiation skills
Optimising processes
Planning principles
Planning tools – getting started
Planning with SharePoint
PMO tools
Post implementation reviews
Project execution
Project initiation
Project organisation structure
Project reporting
Project support – the role of the PMO
Resource planning
Risk and Issue Management
Running a risk identification workshop
Stakeholder engagement
Supplier selection
Testing your solution
The project lifecycle
Time management for projects
Training the business
Using Microsoft Project
Wider project considerations

ARRA Management Ltd reserves the right to change or delete individual modules. The final delivered catalogue will have a minimum of 40 modules. Individual and annual licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Modules licensed under the monthly subscription remain valid for 1 year from the date of selection or the date subscriptions cease, whichever is later. Access can be renewed at one third the original license price. Full terms and conditions are available on request.