Simple Project Management that Works – part 2

Infographic_3This is the second of two blog posts on the basics of project management. Project management can seem a big and challenging job. When you are running a large or complex project with lots of stakeholder engagement issues, this is true. But at its heart project management is actually quite simple in principle.


Last weeks two infographics focused on getting the project off to the right start. This week we’ll look at project execution and closure.


The first of this week’s infographic (no.3 in the series) is about documenting and recoding your work, keep records and ensuring effective change control over that work.


The second infographic (fourth and final in the series) is about your plan, the people side of projects and closing the project down properly.


Remember, we are talking basic principles here, not complex stakeholder engagement matrices! Let me know what you think of the infographics. Reply to this post.

You may be an experienced project manager and find this post a bit basic but if you know someone new to project management, just starting out with their first project, or perhaps you have a new team leader, share the post with them. Let’s encourage them to take up project management, not scare them away.

Oh, and by the way, you can click on each image and download a copy to print and put on the wall.

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