Simple Project Management that Works

Infographic_1This is the first of two blog posts on the basics of project management. I often say that project management is a big and challenging job. When you are running a large or complex project this is true. But at its heart project management is actually quite simple in principle.


To show this I have created a series of four infographics which I am going to share with you in these two blog posts. This week’s two graphics focus on getting the project off to the right start. Next week we’ll look at project execution and closure.


The first infographic is about starting out with the right mindset, and the right mind! It’s a project, so treat it as such, with the respect it deserves. And put a leader in charge rather than a manager.


The second infographic is all about the ground work. What are you going to deliver and getting it approved. The principles are the same whether your project budget is a few thousand pounds or hundreds of millions of pounds. Start it right and with the end in mind.


Remember, we are talking basic principles here, not complex stakeholder engagement matrices! Let me know what you think of the infographics. Reply to this post.

Oh, and by the way, you can click on each image and download a copy to print and put on the wall.

You may be an experienced project manager and find this post a bit basic but if you know someone new to project management, just starting out with their first project, or perhaps you have a new team leader, share the post with them. Let’s encourage them to take up project management, not scare them away

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4 comments on “Simple Project Management that Works
  1. François says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Christian says:

    Good summary of how to approach a project. From personal experience however, what constitutes a major problem in a lot of failing projects is the lack of support from the very start; this is the reason for visibility the PM may want to give.
    The cons of doing a wrong project does not occur to me as the responsibility of a PM who is often tasked by some more senior management – however, having the wrong behavior with regards to what is being given to him/her may bring additional difficulties.

  3. Saud says:

    Hi allen
    the pictures not clear to read it

    • admin says:

      Please click on the picture to open the file. You can then see it in PDF form and even save or print it.


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