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Don’t believe bullshit baffles brains

Nobody likes to feel or seem stupid. But when somebody describes a detailed technical solution or gives a complex business explanation of a problem it sometimes just washes right over you and there is a temptation to nod wisely in

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The project management ‘sweetspot’

If you have ever hit a cricket ball for four runs, smashed a drive down the middle of a fairway or lashed a passing shot down the line in a tennis match you’ll understand what it means to find your

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Learn to translate (what your team are saying) in 20 seconds!

Learning to decipher stuff back in the day used to be easy. For example, pirates had a map with a bloody huge X on it! It doesn’t get much easier than that. But figuring out what your project team or

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Analysing and managing conflict

Before you can deal with any conflict you need to understand it. You need to understand: Who is involved in the conflict? Is it more widespread than the immediately obvious protagonists? What is the conflict about? What are the facts? Why

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