The productivity triangle

Quality triangleWhether you are a project manager or an entrepreneur you are used to having to juggle things to get them done. And you want to make sure you deliver stuff to the right quality, so you are used to balancing time, resources and delivery scope to ensure what is delivered is fit for purpose. In the diagram, if you get the balance right – each side being equal – you maximise the area, or quality.

Now let’s think of productivity in similar terms. What are the factors that need to be in balance?

1st Well when you are faced with having to deliver something you can always throw money at the problem. You are either going to spend internal money i.e. the cost of your team, or external money by outsourcing the production of the deliverable.Often it’s a combination of both. Even if you predominantly outsource delivery, there will still be some management overhead.

2ndThe next element is time. You might be able to reduce the time to deliver something by outsourcing delivery or by buying something in and amending or tweaking it to meet your needs. You and your project team may not have sufficient time available to produce the required deliverable in a timely manner. Your available time might be better spent focusing on things that only you and your team have the knowledge and skills to deliver.

3rdThe final factor is energy. Whenever a team or person is really fired up to deliver something, it just happens. And they take pride in the delivery so it hits the quality mark too. Not everybody gets fired up by the same deliverables. Some like the challenges of problem solving or design. Others like routine and process. Allocating the right deliverables to the right person or group ensures the right level of energy to get the job done efficiently.Productivity triangle

Putting these factors together you get a new equilateral triangle, the productivity triangle.

To maximise the productivity for each task or deliverable you have to get the balance of money, time and and energy right. And to do that you have to make sure the right person or team is allocated to each task or deliverable.

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