Training & mentoring

Effective training is much more than delivering a few lecture sessions or the odd online module. It’s about bringing situations to life through relating hands on experience and using a range of techniques to draw out learning points. ARRA-pm’s expertise in training development coupled with practitioner led delivery ensures that delegates benefit from a wealth of practical experience across a wide range of disciplines, tailored to build and support your project and programme management capability.

Our range of classroom based workshops include:

Effective Project Management Workshop

This 2 day workshop provides a grounding in the core principles of effective project delivery re-enforced with hands-on use of the SimulTrain® project management simulator to provide delegates with a  risk-free learning environment. Click here to find out more.

Effective Project Board Workshop

One of the key causes of project failure is an ineffective project board. This 1 day workshop is designed to provide a grounding in basic good practice for project boards. Through expert facilitation, it also draws on ARRA-pm’s experiences and those of the delegates to examine a range of ways to make the project board more effective. Click here for a brochure.

Project Management Simulation Day

This 1 day hands-on workshop provides practical experience of running a project through simulation using the SimulTrain® project management simulator to provide delegates with a  risk-free learning environment. Click here for a brochure

Effective Project Risk Management Workshop

Companies today acknowledge that up to 50% of their workload can be classified as project work. Projects are, however, inherently risky ventures. Effective project risk management is therefore critical to the success of projects. This 1 day workshop draws on the collective experience of ARRA-pm’s resources in managing projects and programmes of all sizes, to provide you with an effective toolkit to manage risk on your projects. Click here for a brochure.

Introduction to Project Management

This 3 day course is designed for new or inexperienced project managers and business managers involved in projects. It covers all the basics you would expect and uses the SimulTrain® project management simulator to re-enforce the messages in a risk free and fun learning environment. Click here for a brochure.

About SimulTrain® The Project Management simulator

SimulTrain® is an innovative and risk free way to learn about project management. ARRA–pm are the leading training provider and reseller of SimulTrain® in the UK. We offer a range of project management, project planning, project board and project risk management courses incorporating SimulTrain®.

SimulTrain® is available in over 14 languages and has been used by over 90,000 delegates in 30 countries.

SimulTrain® is produced by Sauter Training & Simulation SA (STS), a Swiss company, part of the Demos Group.

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