What’s your strategy to get your next job

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Who needs a strategy to get a new job? Well, ask anyone who missed out on the role they really wanted, and they’ll tell you they wished they’d had one. The Dilbert cartoon sums it up nicely (as Scott Adams so often does :)).

Smart people have strategies to get what they want – what they deserve. They don’t leave it to chance. Sure, they’re not always successful, but they have a much greater chance of success. They work harder up front to improve the chances of success, to make the landing of the role easier.

Your strategy

So what should your strategy consist of? At a high level, it needs three components:

1stGetting found. You may be brilliant at what you do, but if you’re the best kept secret at what you do, nobody is going to know you should be hired. So your strategy must have a [aln for getting you noticed and for letting people know you are available, in a discreet sort of way (after all, you don’t want your current boss to know just yet).


2ndShow you can provide value to potential employers. Nobody is going to hire you as a favour. They will want some value in return. You need to have a way of demonstrating that value as part of your strategy.


3rdDemonstrate credibility. Qualifications and professional memberships is one part of this, but you also need to show the ability to put learning into action. Your strategy has to include ways of doing that.


Your network

The actual things you do to implement each part of your strategy will be personal to you, your career objectives, your experience to date and your network. The latter – your network – is critical to your success. What you know and are able to do are very important to you success. But who you know that understand and believe in  your knowledge and abilities are the keys to finding your next role. They are your network of friends, colleagues (past and present) and acquaintances. The bigger your network and the better you are known in that network for what you know and do, the better chance you have of landing that dream role.

How to go about building your network

If you are part of a profession or industry, there will be professional or industry bodies you can join. They will run events, networking sessions,  forums etc. and publish journals and papers. From accountants to architects, solicitors to engineers, there are associations for lots of things – far too many to mention. In today’s online world you don’t even have to attend all these events in person with many online forums, websites and webinars.

A smart strategy

The online place where all these come together is LinkedIn. With 360+ million users worldwide and over 18 million in the UK alone, a presence on LinkedIn is not a nice to have, it’s a business and career essential. But isn’t LinkedIn just an online cv? Smart jobseekers are realising it is so much more.

What if there was a way for LinkedIn to help you execute all three components of your career development strategy in one place. Wouldn’t using it to do that be a smart strategy in itself?

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